Company Profile

Taro&TYC is committed to cold chain logistics materials services, providing innovative concepts in the era of low carbon economy and dream products for cold chain logistics.
We hope to enhance quality through customized and professional services.
In addition to providing excellent products with convenience, and at any time according to the needs of customers, we can provide the best solution for eliminating new services and various problems.


Buying a lease to facilitate investment

Small investments can benefit, and high-frequency distribution can be leased or instalments to reduce initial costs.


Simple maintenance, long-lasting and durable

Modular design, easy to disassemble and combine, and replace the local damage to extend the service life.


Energy saving and carbon reduction will reduce costs

The cooling effect can be increased by 30-70%, which can greatly reduce the distribution cost of the logistics industry.


Green design, environmental awareness

In addition to ensuring quality and longevity, it also incorporates green design that reduces environmental pollution, reduces energy use, and replaces parts.


Customer requirements, mission must

Can be produced according to demand, to meet customer needs. Pursue product innovation. Focus on service quality.


Compact design, free space

The folding structure design is fast and simple, easy to carry, and can release 50% of the storage space when not in use.